CAN/HRSO – 200.01 – 2020
Draft National Standard of Canada
Draft National Standard CAN/HRSO – 200.01 - 2020(D21)

Ethical Review and Oversight of Human Research

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Table of Contents

Technical Committee Members


1. Scope

2. Normative References

3. Terms and Definitions

4  Technical Requirements

4.1 Mandate and Constitution of the REB

4.2 REB Submissions

4.3 Level of Review of Research Applications by the REB

4.4 Ethical Review and Oversight of Research

4.5 Maintaining and Storing REB Documents

Annex A: Relevant Policies and Regulations Describing Human Research and Non-Research Activities that may be Exempt from REB Review and Oversight

Annex B: Examples of Expectations of REB Members

Annex C: Criteria and Processes that may be Employed by the REB to Aid in the Review and Evaluation of Research

Annex D: Examples of Requisite Materials and Information Containing the Review Criteria Outlined in Sections 4.4.1

Annex E: Examples of Information Reviewed by the REB During the Lifecycle of the Research

Annex F: Examples of Criteria used by the REB to Determine when Research Activities have Concluded

Annex G: Informative References

General Comments